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Questlove Gomez
The great #DennisEdwards wasn’t just God’s GIF(t) to Meme Culture (I’m still scratching my head about how a completely horrible video in the age of #BillieJean suddenly transforms to an art piece some 35 years later) Dennis was a complete miracle. In the #MtRushmore of gruff soul (the Father #MarvinJunior of #TheDells, the son Edwards, the Holy Ghost @EddieLevertSr & the disciple? #TeddyPendergrass no doubt) Black male crooners were standing on shaky ground as is. for the most part falsetto/silky smooth vocals was a survival code more than a choice. From #CyldeMcphatter to #TonyWilliams of #ThePlatters to #BillKenny of #TheInkSpots to #BillyStewart to #SmokeyRobinson to #JohnnyMathis to #NatKingCole— in the rock n roll era EVERY aspect of your presentation had to be non threatening from clothes (“street clothes” was late 60s but even then most labels had you fresh & clean) to album covers (#BerryGordy famously kept #TheIsleyBrothers OFF their #ThisOldHeartOfMine cover so that they wouldn’t scare off potential unknowing fans) to actual ALBUMS check BOTH live albums by #SamCooke the ultimate code switch move: his shelved until 20 years later #LiveAtTheHarlemClub was gritty & down home black (which was enough for his label to shelve it for fear that him SANGIN all gruff would mess up the pallet of his white fan base that came to love his silky gentle tenor—hence the #LiveAtTheCopa shows no sign of struggle blood nor sweat. Most of you that seen @EddieMurphyOfficial’s #Delirious know the “Teddy be scaring women into sleeping with him bit: “YOUGOTyougotYOUGOTWHATINEED!!”...”TURNEMOFF!!!!!!!!!” But pretty much BRASH masculinity was a risk not many labels were willing to take back in the day. Brother Ray was able to escape because his tone was more wise old man, than a threat. James Brown’s voice was ruff but almost in a female gospel belter way. Edwards was able to take his untouched vocal gruffs to higher levels than his contemporaries (He had Motown muscle)Note that Dennis is probably next to Phil Collins in the replacement more popular than OG member awards. Just want y’all to know his GRUFF was mana from heaven in a time where it was far & few between. Rest Well.
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