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Questlove Gomez
Today’s @QLS guest transformed music. #LeonSylversiii helped transform the once lush but soon stale state of disco (Not to be confused w the culturally insensitive #DiscoSucks movement/coded language...but near 1978 good ideas were running low.....kinda like now) his brood @TheSylvers were imo the only group that coulda given @TheJacksons a run for their money (no doubt their harmony game was UN%+¥€WITABLE) but it was his solo turn as house producer for #SolarRecords that gave a new sound. Basically the genre called #Boogie (just hitting me now that the two proprietors came into the game w songs of boogie in the title—the other? #Heatwave’s #RodTemperton w #BoogieNights) Boogie has the DNA of disco but slowed WAY down so you can #2Step to it w Aunt Jackie & em At The BBQ. The musicianship was straight funk (Leon was an ACE bass player who’s strength was baselines so dope even @Prince was suspicious that @flytetymejam & #TerryLewis ghostproduced #TheWhispers #KeepOnLovingMe “giving the secrets away”) his influence is all over from the funk that @Jdilla & @PeteRock & #DrDre sampled to cats today like @dam_funk & @iammarkronson & @chromeo using his blueprint. There aren’t enough characters here to speak on the greatness that is #LeonSylvers. We are saving y’all gazillions in college education money. Tune in #QuestloveSupreme only on @pandora
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